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Florence Construction Corp. is one of the premier service providers for large civil contractors in the NY metropolitan area. Certified WBE / DBE

Florence Construction Corp. (FCC) has been providing heavy hauling dump truck service , heavy equipment rental service and MPT services and supplies to numerous civil contractors for the past 3 years. FCC will continue to expand its share of the market through excellent service and competitive advantages outlined in this document.

FCC was incorporated by Florence Chilton in 1998. After incorporation FCC was operating in the civil contracting market specializing in the installation of utilities and performing successfully on projects ranging up to 7 million dollars.

Management recognized that this area of the construction industry was very competitive and that the company was operating at a disadvantage due to experience and deficient capabilities due to its labor component.

Mrs. Chilton engaged a sales representative to examine the civil contracting market for more profitable and or less competitive areas of the market. The market research and discussions with potential customers indicated that FCC should change the focus of its business model to include the heavy trucking and equipment rental. The management made the decision to change

Sales efforts began in the 4th quarter of 2004 to introduce FCC to the market place as a provider of heavy trucking service and heavy equipment rental. The market contains competitors engaged in both business areas with strong ties to civil contractors as this business is dominated by sales precipitated by personal relationships.

This sales effort clearly indicated that personal relationships and customer satisfaction with existing providers would be difficult to overcome.